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What is Web Designing

Web designing is the process of creating websites and web pages to reflect the brand image. This way the brand disperses its motive and information to ensure that the visitors have the best user-friendly experience.

We the humans are visual creatures, we deal, receive, and recognise through visual effects. So, to incorporate it as a vital element, it is necessary to design your website in such a way that it perfectly suits the brand’s objective. This can be done through designing a website, maintaining content on the web page, and even by mobile application.

Now you can either learn the basics of web designing or can hire DigiRocket Technologies to create a site with unmatched boundaries.

What Do We Do As Web Designers?

As potential web designers, we first identify the goals of a webpage/website and thereafter we promote accessibility for all prospective users. Our process involves integrating applications, organizing a series of pages with pertinent content and images, and other interactive elements such as –

  • Selecting easy-to-read fonts
  • Placing logos, videos, images, applications, text, and other elements
  • Implementing a brand’s identity into the layout, fonts, and colours
  • Selection of attractive colour schemes
  • Creating intuitive navigation through quality mapping of the website’s structure
  • Using coding languages to style pages and create layouts
  • Making optimized versions of webpages, applications, and websites for both mobile and desktop/PC/Laptop users.
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What are the elements of web designing?

The process of web designing allows creative designers like us to get set with the preferences and offer the audience with effective solutions. A few of the standard components that we follow during designing a page is as follows –


A site’s layout is all about how content/material is demonstrated on a page.


Images provide supplementary information to the text by photographs, icons, and graphics.


we process the information through visual creatives. A layout without hierarchy is just lines.


We try out thousands of colour combinations to keep a brand in harmony.


We greatly focus on the font/style of the written content. This attracts the reader and thereby amplifies the user’s engagement.


We offer an easy navigation system throughout the website so that the visitor can have access to all spheres.


We emphasise on on-page content quality and make sure that the users can grasp the information that we want to circulate.


This is one of the key elements that we highly contribute to. We keep it simple so that the reader can easily find the information.

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